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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Etched Media Corporation was founded in 1980 to meet the stringent demands of the Bay Area’s most innovative companies.

During more than forty years of dedicated service, we have offered our customers our experience and expertise and have provided them with solutions for their products' look and feel, including final dimensions, materials, color matching, and cost and volume efficiencies.

Our highly-experienced employees are cross-trained in multiple facets of the manufacturing process and are driven to ensure that we ship the highest quality products to our customers and to deliver on our commitment to the fastest prototyping and manufacturing turnaround times. Our core business continues to expand with a variety of graphics manufacturing processes.

Today, Etched Media has the privilege of delivering products to the most innovative companies in the IT, clean technology and medical device industries. Our customers have some of the highest standards in the technology industry and range from the smallest start-ups to well-established innovating corporations.